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Webinar: Intergeneric Gesneriads with Dale Martens

December 8th, 2017 by psusi

Gesneriad hybrids are fascinating and exquisitely beautiful. So imagine how interesting and stunning they are when plants from two (or even three) different genera are crossed. Please join us for a fascinating 60 minutes as acclaimed hybridizer Dale Martens takes us on a pictorial journey demonstrating many different gesneriad intergenerics. She also explains in understandableRead More

Webinar: Growing Rare and Unusual Gesneriads with Bill Price

December 4th, 2017 by psusi

Have you ever wondered how some growers have success with those fabulous rare gesneriads? They must know something you don’t know. Now, you can get into the mind of one of The Gesneriad Society’s best growers, Bill Price, and find out just exactly how he manages to overcome many of the challenges these rare gesneriadsRead More

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