Convention Flower Show Special Award Sponsorships

This is the listing of division, section and special awards that will be distributed at the 2019 Convention Flower Show. Division, section or special awards with no sponsor are available for sponsorship. In addition to these awards, over 80 class awards are also available, at the discretion of the donor.

Division Awards
Best in Horticulture – sponsored by the Long Island Gesneriad Society
Runner up to Best in Horticulture – sponsored by the Greater New York Gesneriad Society
Best in Artistic 
Runner up to Best in Artistic 
Best in Arts 
Runner up to Best in Arts 
Best in Commercial/Educational
Runner up to Best in Commercial/Educational

Sweepstakes in Horticulture – a recurring award sponsored by the New England Chapter in memory of Jessie Crisafulli
Runner up to Sweepstakes in Horticulture
Sweepstakes in Artistic
Runner-up to Sweepstakes in Artistic 
Sweepstakes in Arts
Multi-Division Sweepstakes – sponsored by Jeanne Katzenstein

Section Awards
Best in Section A (Tuberous) – sponsored by Mollie Schneider
Best in Section B (Rhizomatous)
Best in Section C (Fibrous) – sponsored by Carolyn Ripps
Best in Section D (Old World Gesneriads in Flower)
Best in Section E (Gesneriads Grown for Ornamental Qualities)
Best in Section F (New Gesneriads)
Best in Section G (Lesser-Known Gesneriads) – sponsored by the Northern Illinois Gesneriad Society
Best in Section H (Trained or Sculptured Gesneriads)
Best in Section I (Gesneriads Grown by a Novice)
Best in Section J (Collection of Gesneriads)
Best in Section K (Arrangements of Fresh-cut Material)
Best in Section L (Arrangements of Dried and/or Growing Material)
Best in Section M (Container Plantings)
Best in Section O (Photography) – an endowed award sponsored by the Crisafulli Family
Best in Section P (Arts and Crafts) – sponsored by the Tennessee Gesneriad Society
Best in Section R (Educational)

Special Awards
Best Gesneriad Grown by a non-Member – a recurring award sponsored by Paulo Castello da Costa
Best Gesneriad Grown by a First-Time Convention Exhibitor
Best Gesneriad Exhibiting Fruit – an endowed award sponsored by the Frelinghysen Gesneriad Society in memory of Mary Jane Evans
Best New Hybrid
Best New Species
Best Recently Registered Hybrid – a recurring award sponsored by the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association
Best Scented Gesneriad
Best South American Species other than Sinningia

Best Achimenes
Best Columnea
Best Episcia
Best Kohleria
Best Petrocosmea – sponsored by the New England Chapter
Best Primulina
Best Saintpaulia
Best Sinninigia
Best Streptocarpus

Best Brandon Erikson Hybrid
Best Dale Martens Hybrid
Best David Harris Hybrid
Best Jay Sespico Hybrid
Best John Boggan Hybrid
Best Peridots Hybrid
Best Peter Shalit Hybrid
Best Thad Scaggs Hybrid – sponsored by Mary Schaeffer
Best Tim Tuttle Hybrid – sponsored by Mel Grice


Show Award Sponsorship Page

last updated 12/11/18

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