Convention Flower Show Special Award Sponsorships

This is the listing of special awards that have been sponsored to date for the 2018 Convention Flower Show.

Best in Horticulture – sponsored by the Long Island Gesneriad society
Sweepstakes in Horticulture – sponsored by the New England Chapter
Multi-Division Sweepstakes – sponsored by Jeanne Katzenstein in memory of Maryjane Evans
Runner-up to Sweepstakes in Artistic – sponsored by the Tennessee Gesneriad Society in memory of Carol Ann Bonner

Best in Section G (Lesser-Known Gesneriads) – sponsored by the Northern Illinois Gesneriad Society
Best in Section H (Trained or Sculptured Gesneriads) – sponsored by Molly Schneider in memory of Doris Carson, a long time gesneriad friend.
Best in Section I (Gesneriads Grown by a Novice) – sponsored by the Heart of America Gesneriad Society in memory of Doris Carson
Best in Section J (Collection of Gesneriads) – sponsored by Sylvia Svitak in honor of Eileen McGrath
Best in Section O (Photography) – an endowed award sponsored by the Crisafulli Family – in memory of Jessie and Anthony Crisafulli

Best Gesneriad Grown by a non-Member – sponsored by Paulo Castello da Costa
Best Gesneriad Exhibiting Fruit – an endowed award sponsored by the Frelinghuysen Arboretum Gesneriad Society in memory of Maryjane Evans
Best New Species – sponsored by Marilyn Heinrich
Best Recently Registered Hybrid – sponsored by the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association
Best Scented Gesneriad – sponsored by Donna Guiliano in memory of Rose Fritz, her great aunt who first introduced her to African violets as a child

Best Achimenes – sponsored by Julie Mavity-Hudson in honor of Molly Schneider, a woman with a great heart
Best Episcia – sponsored by Sally Robinson in honor of Jo Anne Martinez
Best Kohleria – sponsored by Hung Nguyen
Best Primulina – sponsored by Irina Nicholson in honor of Bill Price
Best Saintpaulia – sponsored by Bill Price in honor of all his “Toronto gesneriad friends”: Doris Brownlie, Emma Bygott, Paul Lee, Julie Thompson, Sue and Pat Smith, Bev and Bruce Williams
Best Sinninigia – sponsored by Levin Tilghman
Best Streptocarpus – sponsored by the Edmonton African Violet and Gesneriad Society

Best Brandon Erikson Hybrid – sponsored by Mel Grice in honor of Brandon Erikson
Best Dale Martens Hybrid – sponsored by Dale Martens in honor of the Gesneriad Society’s Webinar Team
Best Jay Sespico Hybrid – sponsored by Irina Nicholson in honor of Jay Sespico
Best Peridots Hybrid – sponsored by Arleen Dewell in honor of Paul Kroll and Ben Paternoster
Best Thad Scaggs Hybrid – sponsored by Mary Schaeffer in honor of the members of the Delaware African Violet and Gesneriad Society
Best Tim Tuttle Hybrid – sponsored by Mel Grice in honor of Paul Susi


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last updated 1/16/18

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