Streptocarpus ‘Rondul’s Dulcie’, 2009, IR091102, Ron Clarke, UIK. (S. ‘Demeter’ x S.  ‘Buttons’). Cross made May 2003, planted Oct. 2003 and first flowered June 2004. Fertile but reproducible only vegetatively. Large rosettle, nicely rounded. Leaves Medium green, bullate, 44 cm long x 11 cm wide on average with about a 5 cm petiole, elliptic with crenate margin, acute tip and cuneate base. /Calyx split, green, 1 cm long. Pedicel 1 cm, 1 to 8 flowers per 20 cm peduncle. Corolla salverform, 6.5 cm long, 7.5 cm wide, outer tube light reddish brown, corolla face rusty reddish brown, finely spotted white, inner tube and throat white with dark dashes all around. An unusual colored flower, lasting for weeks, long flowering plant.