Streptocarpus ‘After Midnight’, 2009, IR091111, Kim Williams, UK. (S. ‘Bristol’s Stormy Skies’ x un-named hybrid). Cross made 2006, planted 2007 and first flowered 2008. Reproducible only vegetatively. More compact rosette. Leaves medium green, 8 in. long x 4 in. wide, lanceolate with serrate margin, acute tip and cuneate base. Calyx split, green. Peduncle 12 in. long with up to 14 flowers. Corolla salverform, 1 ¼ in. long x 1 ½ in. wide, purple with darker veins, upper lobes lighter mauve with darker veins giving a two-toned effect. Small ruff of petals in center of flowers.