Streptocarpus ’Blueberry Lane'. 1999, IR99574, J. Ford, OH. [1987]. ('Fleur-de-lis' x 'Happy Time Gal'). Fertile but reproducible only vegetatively. Large rosette.Leaves hairy, dark green, 21 cm long x 6.25 cm wide, elliptic with crenate margin, acute tip and cuneate base. 3 or more flowers per peduncle. Corolla salverform, tube 3 cm long, limb 6 cm x 5 cm, medium blue with white throat, lower three lobes heavily striped with deep purple, yellow splotches between first and second as well as second and third stripes. First commercial listing 1997, Tiki Nurs. cat. as 'Blueberry Lace'.