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Each year many members exhibit plants, arrangements, photos and gesneriad arts and crafts at the Convention Flower Show.

You can be part of a Convention Flower Show, whether you attend convention or not, by sponsoring a Convention Flower Show Award at any time during the year. When sponsoring an award, you will have the opportunity to indicate the individual in whose honor, or in whose memory, you are making the award. You may also indicate the type of award you would like to sponsor. However, requests will be filled on a first-come basis. Award donors will be contacted if any changes must be made regarding sponsored awards. The Awards Chairperson will determine how undesignated awards will be distributed. Awards not presented will be held for the new convention flower show. All award donations are tax-deductible for members in the United States.

Award Categories

  •  Best in Horticulture: $100 (one award)
  •  Best in Division (other than Horticulture): $75 (three awards)
  •  Runner up to Best in Horticulture: $75 (one award)
  •  Runner up to Best in Division (other than Horticulture): $50 (three awards)
  •  Best in each Section: $40 (up to 18 awards)
  •  Best in each Class (blue ribbon): $15 (up to 80 awards)
  •  Multi-Division Sweepstakes: $75
  •  Sweepstakes in Horticulture: $75
  •  Sweepstakes (other than Horticulture): $50
  •  Special Awards (e.g., Best Sinningia, Best Peter Shalit Hybrid): $30

To Sponsor an Award

You have three options to sponsor an award. You may sponsor an award when you register for convention, on the website, or you may print and mail the award sponsorship form. Submit your completed form before June 15, 2016 via postal mail to:

Paul Susi, Awards Chairperson
2 Rushmore Street
South Huntington, NY 11746 USA

To obtain additional information about sponsoring a flower show award, contact the Awards Chairperson, Paul Susi at the address above, or by email.

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Recent Convention Flower Show Winners

2015 Convention – Collections of Gesneriads - Class 51 Multiple genera BEST IN SHOW Selection of Asian Genera exhibited by Bill Price

2015 Convention
Selection of Asian Genera exhibited by Bill Price


Streptocarpus ‘Dale’s Polar Canary’ – Best in Show at the 2014 Nashville Convention (entered by Dale Martens)


Sinningia ‘Apricot Bouquet’ – Best in Show at the 2013 Toronto Convention (entered by Paul Lee)


Primulina ‘Cynthia’ – Best in Show at the 2012 Seattle Convention (entered by Arleen Dewell)

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