Primulina 'Cynthia'. 2001, IR01794, Vincent Woo, CAN. (sport of 'Kazu' [P.sinensis 'Latifolia' x P.linearifolia ]). Original plant came from a leaf cutting of 'Kazu' in 1990. Sterile and reproducible only vegeta­tively. Rosette. Leaves hairy, dark green as with 'Kazu' but with white-cream variegated leaf margins, which can vary with light intensity and clones, elliptic with slightly serrated margins, acute tip and cuneate base. Calyx green, fused, 6-10 blossoms per peduncle. Flowers identical with those of 'Kazu'. Unfortunately seems to mainly come true with sucker propagation, rarely by leaf. Pict. 2002, Appraisal 20 (2)