Smithiantha ' Texas Freckles'.2002, IR02807, Dale Martens, TX. (S. 'Duet' x S. 'Sassy Redhead'). Cross made Nov. 1999, planted Feb. 2000 and first flowered Oct. 2000. Reproducible only vegetatively. Rhizomatous, erect to 41 cm tall. Leaves dark reddish green densely covered with reddish hairs, 16.5 cm long x 10 cm wide, 5 cm petiole, ovate with serrate margin and acute tip. Calyx split, red-green, 6 mmlong. Pedicel 3.8 cm long. Corolla salverform, 4.4 cm long x 2.5 cm wide, wine-red tube, face with white areas with distinctive, extra large wine-red polka dots.