Smithiantha 'Pat's Pet Squirrel'. 2006, IR06955, Gary Dunlap, MO. [S. (multiflora x 'Abbey' ) x S. 'Jaguar']. Cross made Dec. 5, 2000, planted Mar. 28, 2001 and first flowered Sept. 15, 2001. Reproducible only vegetatively. Erect, 30 cm tall. Leaves mottled light and olive green, hairy, 12 cm long x 10 cm wide, 5 cm petiole, orbicular with serrate margin, acute tip and cordate base. Calyx split, green, 6 mm long. 4 cm pedicel. Corolla salverform, upper lobes are smaller and do not spread out, 5 cm long x 2 cm wide, pink with dark pink lines on lighter pink lobes. Available from Pat’s Pets.