Sinningia ‘Butter & Cream’, 2009, IR091115, David Zaitlin, KY, (S. aggregata (yellow flowers) x S. tubiflora). Cross made 2001, first flowered 2002. Fertile but reproducible only vegetatively. Tuberous, robust grower with multiple 18 in. erect reddish green stems. Leaves hairy, olive green, 10 cm long x 5 cm wide, elliptic with crenate margin and acute tip. Petiole 1 cm long. Calyx split, red-green, 1 cm long, pedicel 4 cm with 2-4 flowers per leaf axil. Corolla salverform, 5 cm long x 2 cm across lime, opening yellow, maturing to white. First listed 2006, Plant Delights catalog.