PrimulinaFirst Time’, 2010, IR101139, Monte Watler/Vincent Woo, CAN. (P. (C. sinensis) ‘latifolia’ dwarf x P. longgangensis). Cross made about 2004, planting and first flowering dates not given. Reproducible only vegetatively. Compact, very symmetrical rosette, leaves in whorls of 3. Leaves hairy, green heavily marked with silver along veins, 8-10 cm long x 4 cm wide with 2 cm petiole, elliptic with serrate margin acute tip and cuneate base. Calyx split, pale green, 0.5 cm long. Pedicel 9 cm tall with 4-8 flowers per peduncle. Corolla salverform, 3.5 cm long x 2 cm wide, tube exterior pale violet, darker purple stripes and two yellow streaks in throat, resembling C. longgangensis parent.