SinningiaRomanza’, 2010, IR101143, Michael Kartuz, CA. (S. eumorpha x S. bullata). Cross made Aug. 2008, planted Oct. 2009 and first flowered June 2010. All seedlings seem identical. Compact, upright rosette. Leaves bullate, dark greenwith dark veins, dusky red on lower surface, 4 – 6 in. long x 3 in. wide with 2 in. petiole, ovate with crenate margin, acute tip and cuneate base. Calyx split, green, 0.375 in. long, pedicel 3-4 in. long with 1-4 flowers per leaf axil. Corolla salverform, pink with red limb, thin purple lines anddots in throat and corolla. Easy to grow and flower, light and temperature requirements same as parents, hardy to 32F Available from Kartuz Greenhouses.