Sinningia ‘Florida Firecracker’, 2011, IR111175, Thad Scaggs, FL. Parentage, dates of cross and first flowering unknown. Pollen fertile, reproducible only vegetatively. Tuberous with upright spreading  rosettes. Leaves smooth, medium green, 4.5 in. long x 3.25in. wide with 0.75 in. petiole, elliptic with entire margin, acute tip and cuneate base. Calyx double, fused, scalloped, one petal reflexed, 1.25 in. long, outside light red pink, inside white with light red pink dotted lines for the length of the segments. Pedicel 1.75 in long with 1-2 flowers per leaf axil. Corolla salverform, 1.5 in. long x 0.875 in wide, light red pink outside, inside white with light red pink spotting.