Henckelia (Chirita)‘Moon Walker'. 1997, IR97511, M. Yamagata, Japan. (H. moonii x H.walkerae). Cross made May 25, 1995, seed planted Sept. 4, 1995, first flowered Sept. 27, 1996. Erect habit, reaching 50 cm. Leaves light green (137C) with silver hairs, elliptic, 15 cm long, 6 cm wide with 4 cm petiole, tip acuminate, base cuneate, entire margin. Calyx green-yellow, 2.8 cm. long, pedicel 7 cm long with 1 flower per axil. Tube white outside with purple limb (82A), throat white with yellow (14B), salverform, 7 cm long, 5 cm wide. Free flowering. Pict. Gloxinian 48 (2) 47.