xGloximannia ‘Medea’

xGloximannia ‘Medea’. 1983,  IR83293, Jim Roberts. [Frances Batcheller] [Registered as Gloxinia]. (xG. ‘Arion’ x xG. ‘Medusa’)Cross made and planted 1982, first flowered 1983. Plant growth erect with short, close internodes, stems 12-18 cm long. Leaves deep green with light reverse, shiny, 9 cm long x 5 cm wide, elliptic with serrate margin, 3 cm petioles. Flower campanulate with wide throat, 3 cm long x 2 cm wide, outsideof tube claret rose (RHS 50A), lobes ruby red (RHS 60A, inside barium yellow (RHS 10B). Much shorter than either parent, good growth habit, large flowers for size of plant, strong contrast of bright red lobes and yellow throat. The flowers are held up in the axils of reduced leaves.

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