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Recipients of Awards of Appreciation

The Gesneriad Society instituted the Awards of Appreciation in 1977 to recognize those individuals whose activities had benefited the Society in one or more exceptional ways.

A number of factors are considered when choosing a recipient of an Award of Appreciation. Among them are the individual’s length of service to the Society, the importance of the service rendered by the individual, the individual’s service as a chairperson of one or more committees, work by an individual in behind-the-scenes activities, consistent contributions of gesneriad articles for publication by an individual, and other activities that benefit both the Society and the world of gesneriads.

1977 – Paul Arnold* 1993 – Stanley Schwartz*
Charlotte Rowe* Margaret Waguespack*
Adele Zemansky* 1994 – Jeanne Katzenstein
1978 – Frances Batcheller* 1995 – Mary Bozoian
Carol Saylor Ben Paternoster
William Saylor * Monte Watler
1979 – Florence Messick* 1996 – Celine Chase*
Mel Sater* Betty Tapping
Martin Tanner Beth Weissman
Reneι White* 1997 – Maryjane Evans*
1980 – Albert Buell* Ron Myhr
Erica Clayberg Darrell Trout
Emma Lahr* 1998 – David Turley
Ruth & Lyndon Lyon* Dave Tyler*
1981 – Alice Courage* M.J. Tyler
Helen Kavanaugh 1999 – Dr. Miriam Denham
Henry Peterson* Bonita Hutcheson
Laura Progebin* Elizabeth Varley
1982 – Michael Kartuz 2000 – Marlene Beam
1983 – Dr. Robert E. Lee* Ingrid Lindskog
Dr. Margaret H. Stone* 2001 – Jon Dixon
1984 – S. Cleopatra Kohm* Elvin McDonald
David R. Masterson 2002 – Virginie F. Elbert
Martin Mines* Mauro Peixoto
1985 – C. A. Cruikshank* Leong Tuck Lock
Lee Linett 2003 – Bill Burtt*
Dr. Laurence E. Skog Peter Shalit
1986 – Margaret Belanger 2004 – Doris Carson
Jimmy Dates* Bob & Carol Connelly
Isla Montgomery* Mario Portilla Andrade
1987 – Joseph Batcheller* 2005 – Helen Bortvedt
Ted Bona* Helen Freidberg*
Ruth Webster* Susan Grose
1988 – Maryann Delaune* 2006 – Alain Chautems
Felicia McCann   Arleen Dewell
Dr. Hans Wiehler* 2007 Suzie Larouche
1989 – Judy Becker Dee Stewart
Anthony Crisafulli* Bob Stewart
Jessie Crisafulli* 2008 John Littner Clark
1990 – Chris Kunhardt* Dale M. Martens
Michael A. Riley 2009 Paul Kroll
Nellie Sleeth* Julie Mavity-Hudson
Ellen Todd Paul Susi
1991 – Earl Deroche* 2010 Doris Brownlie
Molly Schneider Bill Price
Alan Wojcik* 2011 Carol Ann Bonner
1992 – Diantha Buell* Asa Tysk
  Anne Crowley* 2012 Jo Anne Martinez


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The Gesneriad Society instituted the Awards of Appreciation in 1977, to recognize those individuals who activities had benefited the Society in one or more exceptional ways. 

2012 Recipient of Award of Appreciation

Jo Anne Martinez receiving her Award of Appreciation from Arleen Dewell
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